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Cozy, colourful slippers from Ghibi

Treat yourself to a pair of cozy slippers from Ghibi that will keep your warm and comfortable on a cold winter night. Take your pick among colourful models and match them with your favourite sweatpants and a big t-shirt for a relaxing day at home. The slippers are very trendy and beautifully designed even though they are mostly meant to be worn at home. You could also bring a pair with you to work if you’re lucky enough not to have a dress code. That way you will be comfortable all day long and you’ll take good care of your feet.

Ghibi shoes – Where it all started

This is a unique shoe company that designs stylish, cozy slippers to wear at home or at work. The slippers are made of good materials and you can expect high quality and nice details. The production takes place in Portugal where the company first started and the brand has spent many years on developing the company and researching materials as well as how to make sure the slippers have the best possible fit. If you always want to be comfortable and keep your feet warm at home, Ghibi slippers will do an excellent job.

Ghibi shoes, perfectly matched with cozy outfits at home

Ghibi shoes are perfect for at home use and they will provide you with a soft and comfortable walk around the house. There are no specific care instructions for these slippers, but as they are indoor shoes it is clearly important not to wear them outdoors. This can easily damage the material and might ruin the fit and quality of the slippers. You can easily pair them with your work outfit if you want to bring them to the office, but you can also match them with a pair of cozy sweatpants and a loose sweater if you want to be extra comfortable at home.

Ghibi shoes online on Footway

At Footway, we always want to ensure that our customers have a pleasant, easy experience when shopping with us. We have a large selection of shoes and brands, a customer service team on standby and a practical search function to make it as easy as possible to find your perfect shoes. Take a look at our range and place your order today! Your new shoes will be at home with you sooner than you could expect. Online shopping is as convenient as can be and the best part of all, we are open 24/7.

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723 results
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