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Looking great in quality shoes from Anatomic & Co

Do you like to look great even on a regular day? Well, who doesn’t? Anatomic & Co is a brand that really takes you to a whole new level when it comes to men´s shoes. With a unique inner gel technology these shoes really hold some nice surprises for their wearer. These are stylish and fashionable leather shoes, the inside of which will shape after your foot. OMG… Once you try them on, you will get a new understanding for what comfort really means.

Anatomic & Co – classic and modern shoe models with Brazilian roots

With a long experience in shoe production Anatomic & Co know that they need to keep quality, functionality and comfort in mind when they design their shoes. The company made a long journey from Brazil to Europe, during which it was discovered that some crucial details in the famous Brazilian shoe business had completely gone missing on the way to Europe. So, some nice men´s shoes were brought over from Brazil to see if it would work over in Europe and the rest is history. Today, the design process is carried out in England but the production takes place in Brazil, using nothing but top quality leather of course.

Easy to make a match with your trendy shoes from Anatomic & Co

Once you have discovered the fancy style from Anatomic & Co you will want to look great all over! And the greatest thing about these shoes, apart from the comfort and brilliant design, is that no matter if you match them with a suit, a pair of torn blue jeans and a T-shirt or a nice pair of trousers and a bright shirt, your appearance will always be absolutely astonishing!

Anatomic & Co – a timeless Footway favourite

Sophisticated vintage feel, quality materials and fancy details – the shoes from Anatomic & Co are always a good choice if you feel like standing out from the crowd. Footway has a wide range of shoes and you will find that shopping online with us is almost addictive. That is how easy and enjoyable it is.

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