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Angulus shoes for incredibly sweet feet

The design for Angulus shoes comes all the way from Copenhagen in Denmark. The company has upheld the same high quality and innovative sense of style for more than 100 years of craftsmanship and design. Back in 1904, the founder astounded the fashionable world by producing and selling foot-formed shoes instead of the pointed models that were popular at the time. The brand has retained that same sense of visionary innovation and bold design, which is plain to see in the range we offer at Footway today. Bright colours and bold patterns are scattered in among the more sober and classic designs.

Care instructions for Angulus shoes

Whether you wear your Angulus shoes every day or keep them for special occasions, your future self will thank you for taking a little time to care for the shoes. Using a waterproofing agent before the first time you wear the shoes is a great practice to protect the shoes from moisture and help to repel dirt from the surface. You can also waterproof them at regular intervals throughout the life of the shoes to keep the surface protected. Wipe your shoes clean and leave them to dry in the open air. However, be sure to keep all high-quality shoes away from the radiators or direct sunlight.

Style tips for Angulus shoes

Angulus shoes have both qualities of being sweet and yet highly modern. There are a lot of bright colours on offer, so if you tend to dress in bright clothing and enjoy coordinating your outfits, the Angulus range will be a playground of opportunity for you. You can also go for the basic shades in order to have a pair of shoes that will go with many things. However, even if you go for a more basic colour, the quality and design of the shoes is so innovative that they will still be noticed.

Angulus shoes online at Footway

Order your Angelus shoes online at Footway, and then sit back and relax while we do the work of packing and shipping them to you. However, don’t get too comfortable. Our fast delivery times are legendary, so you won’t get to sit for long before your shoes arrive. If you have any problems with the ordering process or if you would like to ask or check anything, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and efficient customer services.

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104 results
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