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Ultimate quality shoes by Arbesko

We don´t know about you but we do know that many people spend quite a lot of time standing up at work and that this leads to tired and sore feet and no energy left to enjoy their after work life. Does it sound familiar?If you stand up a lot you need comfortable shoes, that´s a fact. Arbesko shoes are designed for maximum comfort and are optimal for feet that work hard every day. They provide a good grip regardless of the surface and inside they have a soft layer for maximum support.

Arbesko shoes – your own working class hero

Arbesko is a company with a long and fascinating history. For five generations it has been in the same family and the values and wishes to create something good has led to an annual turnover of over £20 million. The long experience and an understanding of modern requirements have been important factors on the road to success and Arbesko constantly tries to develop the tradition.In many work places it is important to protect your feet. You may work in a warehouse - standing, walking and carrying heavy loads each day, or you may cook food for hundreds of people in a restaurant kitchen. Arbesko knows that your feet are important tools to take you through the day which is why the brand creates work shoes with and without steel toes for ultimate comfort and safety, no matter what your job is.

Arbesko - work shoes can look great and live up to their purpose!

Do you think that the traditional work footwear is represented by the ugliest shoes possible? Then you obviously haven´t been introduced to Arbesko. Arbesko designs nice and light shoe models, customised for different work conditions. How about a sporty model with stylish details in bright blue, green or turquoise or a heavier boot like model that is both warm and comfortable?One thing that you need to do in order to keep your Arbesko shoes looking great is to take good care of them. They should be brushed, polished and impregnated before use and this treatment ought to be repeated on a regular basis.

Get your work done with Arbesko from Footway

Shopping for shoes online has never been easier. Footway has a seemingly endless range of shoes and Arbesko is one of our absolute favourites. Check out our Arbesko selection today and try on your new shoes shortly!

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