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Azzaro shoes – timeless designer shoes for all occasions

With amazing sense of style, Azzaro is a brightly shining star in the shoe market. With rare elegance and top quality design you can always count on your Azzaro shoes no matter what the circumstances are. Azzaro has a comfortable fit and a luxurious appearance, and they come in a great variety of colours and models. These shoes look like your favourite party shoes, but they are comfortable enough to wear every day!

Azzaro shoes – fashion from Fashion city

The home of Azzaro is Paris, the one and only capital of the fashion world. Many of the most famous brands come from Paris and that is no coincidence.World famous Azzaro was bound to become a success from day one. Founded in 1977 by a number of skilled shoe designers, Azzaro makes shoes for those who love fashion and don´t mind if people look at them twice. Whether you are planning a summer party in the garden or going to work early in the morning in November, Azzaro shoes on your feet is always a great decision!

Azzaro shoes – styling and care tips

So what can you wear with these fabulous shoes? Match your Azzaros with a tight, nicely coloured dress and classy jewellery. Add a small purse for your personal belongings, preferably in a colour matching your Azzaro shoes and be ready for your date. If you simply want to look nice on an ordinary day, Azzaro shoes work just as well with a pair of blue jeans or a skirt and jacket.Keep your shoes in great shape by using leather grease for leather surfaces and a soft cloth for other materials. Dust may be brushed off gently.

Buy Azzaro online today at Footway

It´s fun and it´s simpe – just click your way through our website and check out our selection of Azzaro shoes. There are glamorous shiny sandals such as the red, high heeled Funny or Impulso with closed toes and spotted pattern, but there are also the black suede like boots called King with stiletto heels and the nice shoe model called Kumo in orange leather. Hard to decide? Have a proper look at the Azzaro range at Footway.

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6 results
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