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Billi Bi shoes – both stylish and delicious

The Billi Bi brand is the signature brand of the Fransi company and has been in the same family for generations, with the name coming from their favourite mussel soup. The brand started in Copenhagen in the 1930s and built a name for itself out of using innovative alternatives to leather, which was in short supply at the time. Nowadays, production of the shoes is with Italian leather out of Spanish factories, so it’s no wonder that the shoes have that polished southern European look. Together with the edgy Danish-influenced designs, this brand is truly a recipe for success.

Caring for Billi Bi shoes

Most of the Billi Bi shoes are made from Italian quality leather and therefore require a little TLC to keep them in the best possible condition. If they should become dirty, you can wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in water with some mild detergent to remove stains. Follow up by letting the shoes stand for a while to allow them to dry fully. Never let leather shoes dry close to a heat source as this may damage the delicate material. If your shoes are made of suede, keep them away from moisture and instead brush them with a suede brush.

Style tips for Billi Bi shoes

If you are a colour enthusiast, then Billi Bi has a lot to offer in the way of different shades. From pastel pumps in suede to shiny leather boots in lemon yellow, the selection is wide. At Footway we have over 150 models from Billi Bi, which of course also include plenty of shoes in the normal colours of black, brown and beige. Whether you want something plain or a striking pair of shoes to add the finishing touch to a new outfit, there will be something in the Billi Bi selection for you. Why not go for that bold colour and surprise your friends on your next night out?

Billi Bi shoes online at Footway

If you have you heart set on a pair of Billi Bi shoes as the latest addition to your wardrobe, then all you have to do is order them. With our easy ordering process, it is a simple matter to fill in your details and get the shoes sent. We deliver very quickly so if you need the shoes urgently, there is nothing to worry about. Order today and start enjoying the Billi Bi brand in your life.

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107 results
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