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Bogs shoes – waterproof footwear for the world

Bogs is an American firm which has been producing wellingtons and other waterproof footwear since 2002. They expanded into children’s wellingtons in 2006, and the brightly coloured models that are so popular followed a year later. Whether it is for gardening, fishing, music festivals or walking the dog, everyone needs a pair of wellington boots and Bogs is the brand to provide some of the most gorgeous and versatile pairs to the world. Why not astound your neighbours by exchanging your boring green wellies for a flowery pink pair? You may just be asked where you got them.

Looking after your Bogs shoes

Wellingtons see all kinds of mud and dirt, but they are also ridiculously easy to clean. Simply run them under the tap and give the bottoms a quick scrub with a brush. You should then leave them to dry in the open air. Avoid the temptation to leave your wellies on the radiator to dry. It may be quicker, but since the boots are made of natural rubber, the direct heat can damage the surface and cause cracks. We all know that there’s nothing worse than leaky wellies. If you want to speed up the drying process, stuff your boots with newspaper, which will help to soak up the moisture.

Style tips for Bogs shoes

Your wellies are your best outdoor friend during the rainy and changeable autumn and spring weather. Depending on where you live, you may wish to wear your wellies all year around, as even the warmer climates have rainy days. Stride through the wet grass with confidence with a pair of Bogs on your feet. You could match the colour of your new Wellingtons with your jacket, your umbrella, the colour of your dog’s lead or any number of other outdoor accessories.

Bogs shoes online at Footway

If you need your Bogs shoes in a hurry, rest assured that we deliver very quickly. We have the policy of keeping all shoes offered on our website in stock, so there is practically no waiting time before you can begin to enjoy life with your new shoes. If you have tickets to an outdoor festival of some kind, there is surely a good excuse for ordering a pair of brightly coloured Bogs. If you need any help with ordering, just ask, but we’re fairly sure that almost anyone could navigate our simple and straight-forward ordering system.

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6 results
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