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Boxfresh – shoes for every walk of life

If there was ever a brand that is versatile, Boxfresh is it. It isn’t that the range of their shoes is so particularly wide, but the fact that they have found a formula for making shoes that fit to so many occasions. With a couple of pairs of Boxfresh in your closet, you will find that you simply do not need any other pairs in your wardrobe. You can find smart and casual styles, but their blend of classic and modern is so spot on, that the distinction between those two types of shoes becomes more and more difficult to discern.

Boxfresh – straight from the 80s, and proud

Not many people look back fondly on the fashions of the 80s. However, Boxfresh proudly state that they are inspired by the trends of those times. Punks, Goths, Skinheads, Mods and New Romantics are all part of the superb blend that make up these shoes designs and give them the true individuality that you can see in every pair. You won’t find shoes boring when you check out this range. Whether you’re on the hunt for sneakers or smarts, coloureds or plain, your selection is easy.

Boxfresh – keeping them fresh

Keeping shoes nice doesn’t have to be a difficult job. All it takes is a little foresight. Buy a waterproofing agent at the same time when ordering your shoes, and you can treat your shoes before you even wear them for the first time. Always wipe dirt off when you take off your shoes, and leave them to dry out before storing them. Following a few preventative measures will keep the materials nicer for longer and you can rock that cool Boxfresh style with confidence.

Buying Boxfresh online at Footway

Your greatest achievement might be buying that pair of Boxfresh shoes from Footway. It’s not that you can’t get them from other online retailers, but we like to think that our site is one of the easiest to use. And it’s certainly one of the friendliest. We have put a lot of effort into building up a whole community of shoe lovers who share tips and experiences. Find out what other people thought of your chosen shoes by checking out the comments. You can also comment yourself after buying the shoes and contribute to the love of shoes that will continue far into the future.

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7 results
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