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Walk on air with Caprice shoes

This German company is based in the small town of Pirmasens, near the French border. The values behind the brand take their inspiration from the idea of the fashion conscious women who would like to simultaneously look good and feel comfortable in her shoes. Although the twin concepts of fashion and wellness are sometimes at odds with one another, Caprice shoes somehow manage to combine the two with extraordinary results. Their designers rise to meet the challenge using high quality leather and many beautiful and innovative details.

How to take care of your Caprice shoes

Your new shoes deserve all the love and care that you can give them, and they will reward you by making you look and feel great whenever you are out together. Keep your shoes clean by wiping them thoroughly after wearing them. You can use a waterproofing agent before you wear the shoes for the first time, but it goes without saying that you should try to avoid wet and muddy weather. Brush suede models with a suede brush and always keep delicate natural materials away from direct heat.

Style tips for Caprice shoes

Style and comfort go hand in hand in the Caprice brand. That’s why you could choose practically any model from the Footway Caprice range and be sure of feeling great when you wear the shoes. There are a number of heeled varieties available in this comfortable selection, so if you normally avoid heels like the plague, why not give them a try. Uncomfortable shoes are often the result of a bad fit, but these shoes even come in half sizes so you are sure to be able to find exactly the right size for your feet.

Caprice shoes online at Footway

If you have been in need of a new pair of shoes for whatever occasion, why not take the plunge and order them online? At Footway, we have one of the widest selections in Europe and you can choose from hundreds of different brands and practically any type of shoe that you can think of. Our delivery times are very fast, so you won’t have to wait for long before trying out your new shoes. If you have any concerns or aren’t sure how to take the next step, simply visit our contact page to find out how to get in touch. We welcome queries and will respond quickly.

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