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Cobra Golf – specialist shoes for golf and more

Cobra shoes are designed to be great footwear, both for the actual games of golf and for the surrounding activities too. If you’re a golf enthusiast, then you may just have found the right brand for you. On the other hand, you don’t need to be into golf to get a lot out of these shoes as they are well made and of good enough quality to carry you through practically any activity requiring flexible footwear with a great grip. It is said that the cobra can hypnotise you if you stare long enough, and that is definitely also true of these great shoes.

Golfers have learned to rely on Cobra Golf shoes

The Cobra Golf brand was brought into being back in 1973 when an amateur golf champion called Thomas Crow started a small golf club. He hit on a real formula for success, as the label went from small beginnings to become widely known around the world. The Cobra brand is now part of the Puma label, making it part of one of the largest brands in the sporting world. Cobra Golf shoes have won awards for being specially suitable for golfing and are versatile to boot.

Shoe care for Cobra Golf shoes

No matter the weather, the British climate is damp enough that an early game of golf is likely to leave you with damp feet. Dry games are just as likely to cause sweating and damp shoes. Whatever the cause, the main thing is to leave your Cobra Golf shoes to air thoroughly after each game so that they dry out completely before you store them. You can stuff the shoes with newspaper to speed up the drying process and to ensure that they retain their shape. Never put shoes on the radiator as this can damage the materials.

Cobra Golf online at Footway

Buying shoes online no longer has the same stigma attached. When you have chosen the perfect pair of Cobra Golf shoes and checked that they are available in your size, you only need to place them in your shopping basket and go through our simple ordering process to get them sent to you, wherever you live in Britain. You can also make an account with us and become a part of the Footway community. This allows you to leave comments about the shoes and also means that your details are saved, so shopping becomes easier the next time around.

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