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Diadora shoes – sharing the gift of great footwear

The Diadora brand originated in Italy but is now a worldwide producer of sportswear and footwear. Despite the Italian origins, the name comes from a Greek word meaning “to share gifts and honours”. The company draws inspiration from teamwork and competition and has striven to make the very best sports shoes since 1948. If that isn’t enough to convince any sports enthusiast, simply browsing through the selection offered at Footway ought to. The sleek designs all feature the distinctive Diadora logo, which looks like an arrow but actually represents the open upper of a shoe; a fitting mark for these champions among footwear.

Care instructions for Diadora shoes

Caring for sports shoes is important in order to extend their life and keep your training experiences pleasant. Most important is to let your shoes dry out thoroughly after wearing them. No matter what kind of sports you engage in, your shoes will collect a great deal of sweat and moisture. Allowing this to evaporate is key to preserving the materials of the shoes. However, keep all shoes away from the radiator to avoid possible splits and cracks in the materials.

Style tips for Diadora shoes

Our range of Diadora shoes offers something for both men and women. We also have studded varieties for sports that take place on grass. When choosing your shoes, you should obviously take your shoe size into consideration. Other things to think about include the shape – whether the shoe is an appropriate design for your particular sport – and of course colour. While most of the shoes are black or white, they all feature some detail in a bright colour. Why not match the colour to your sports kit or team colours? You can also simply go for a bright colour so that you will never lose your shoes on the locker room floor.

Diadora shoes online at Footway

When you need good sports footwear, Diadora is a brand you can trust. And when you need a huge selection, fast delivery and a pleasant shopping experience, Footway is the online store to go for. We pride ourselves on having all items offered on our website in stock, so that you never have to wait more than a couple of days to start wearing your new shoes. Find out how fast we can be by ordering today!

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