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Manufacture D'Essai – the Italian-lover’s choice

The amazing craftsmanship behind the Manufacture D'Essai is really something to behold. But believe it or not, that’s not the first thing that will draw your attention to these amazing shoes. They are classy without being overbearing and vibrant without losing their chic. The understated designs are precisely what your wardrobe has been missing, so if you’re here with the intention of shopping in earnest, get ready to splash out on your next favourite pair of shoes. Your choice between these gorgeous numbers might be a difficult one, but the sacrifice of time and energy will be worth it when you are finally united with your faithful companions.

Decades of research and quality in Manufacture D'Essai shoes

The Italian background and craftsmanship underpinning the shoes are second only to the quality of the materials that go into their creation. Although the style of Manufacture D'Essai shoes might at first glance seem minimalist, a closer glance will reveal intricate layers of detail that give the distinct impression of quality and a unique touch of flair. Any modern elegant woman will find a place for these wonderful shoes in her wardrobe, and it is the most common outcome that the shoes come to occupy pride of place.

Looking after Manufacture D'Essai footwear

Italian masterpieces deserve more than being relegated to the back of the closet. Find time to care for your shoes and you will be rewarded when they become the envy of your friends and associates. Make sure that your feet are the finishing touch in your outfit by keeping your shoes clean. A soft brush or damp cloth will remove most dirt and you can buy a specially formulated foam cleaner to take care of stubborn stains and ingrained dirt. Always air your shoes before storing them, and keep the delicate beauties away from the radiator.

Manufacture D'Essai online at Footway

Shopping online can be the best or worst shopping experience of your life. At Footway, we take extra care to be in the former category. That means that everything on the website and in the ordering process has been streamlined for speed and convenience. We really hope that you won’t be left with questions, but if you are then we are available to help you with any queries you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details on our contact page. You can also contact us with feedback to help us make the Footway experience even better.

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