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Treksta shoes – for comfortable and lightweight hiking

As the name suggests, the Treksta brand has a focus on trekking and the outdoors. They have been in operation since 1988 and they are committed to the concept of making life more comfortable for hikers, developing the older stiff hiking boot designs to make them more supple, more comfortable and more lightweight. Treksta now also offer clothing, but as you can imagine, it is the footwear that we focus on here at Footway. You can see that the range of Treksta shoes and boots look like those offered by any other hiking equipment specialist, but their specialty is being lightweight and comfortable. Why not give them a try?

Caring for Treksta shoes

Hiking boots are wonderful for walking in all weathers, but this means that they require a bit more care than the average boots. You can help your boots to stay in great shape by using a waterproofing agent on them before you wear them for the first time and then periodically thereafter. Always clean your boots after an outing by wiping them with a damp cloth to remove mud and dust. Then leave the boots or shoes in the open air to let them dry out.

Style tips for Treksta shoes

The outdoor life is less about your style choices and more about the feeling you get when you’re on a wonderful walk in the beautiful countryside. However, you can also make some small concessions to style. For example you can choose a pair of boots or shoes with a coloured detail that matches your favourite raincoat or another outdoor accessory such as a hat or a pair of gloves. Wear your Treksta boots with pride and step out confidently, and your smile will be the best aspect of your overall appearance.

Treksta shoes online at Footway

At Footway, we are always smiling, and the main reason is that we spend our lives surrounded by beautiful shoes. If that wasn’t enough reason, we are also really happy to have constant contact with our lovely customers. We love you guys, and would do anything for you. So if there’s any way that we can make your life easier, don’t hesitate to get in touch to tell us so. We love to talk to our customers and pride ourselves on being a friendly lot. Add that to the wide selection and our fast delivery, and you have a truly formidable combination.

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190 results
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