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El Naturalista Kids - for positive, adventurous people

This brand makes great shoes for women and children who love to explore the world. Using natural materials and simple yet very comfortable designs, El Naturalista Kids delivers shoes that will appeal to most adventurous people. The shoes show off confidence and one of these pairs will be the perfect choice for spending time discovering your surroundings. These shoes without a doubt will become one of your favourite pairs in your wardrobe and there are many nice styles, as well as a variety of colours to choose from.

Support the environment with El Naturalista Kids

El Naturalista Kids was founded in Spain in 1998 and is a brand which puts nature and the environment first. The company is known for always trying to improve their processes with sustainability in mind and they do everything they can to avoid any harmful substances in their production. The company also regularly donates money to different projects, as well as ongoing research to make the world a better place for all of us and our children! If you want to be part of a good cause, this is the right brand to support. We know that you will love the shoes.

Dress stylish and comfortable with El Naturalista Kids shoes

El Naturalista Kids is the natural choice for those looking to wear comfortable shoes made of great materials while exploring the surrounding world and always looking great. They provide everything from cute summery sandals to leather boots and useful sneakers. They offer a beautiful collection of well designed shoes and muted colours that will go nicely with many different outfits. You can style them with a pair of nice jeans, a loose dress on a hot summer day and maybe a pair of stretchy shorts and a t-shirt for the kids.

Find your own pair of El Naturalista Kids shoes online on Footway

Purchase nice, comfortable shoes from El Naturalista Kids for yourself and for your children. They care for the environment, but also want to make sure that adventurous people out there have stylish shoes for all types of activities. They combine sustainability and great designs to provide for our planet, while also making sure women and children can look good at all times. Footway has a range of options for you to consider and if you need any help with sizes, styles, the ordering process or anything else, you can contact our customer service members who are ready to answer your questions.

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3 results
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