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The Ellesse Trainers - A Contemporary Comeback

The 80's sports & fashion trainers from Ellesse have made a comeback with their exclusive collection. They have everything from classic retro styled trainers to metallic panforte slip-ons. Ellesse’s sports shoes have finest footwear silhouettes. Made with high quality imitation leather and synthetic leather, the runners are trendy and timeless. The favorite Ellesse logos bring back the Ellesse shoes with a modern fit and premium materials. Refresh your memories with the Ellesse fashion trainers that you can carry off-court and on-court with style and comfort.

The Ellesse's Heritage

Founded in 1959 with a dream to be the most stylish sportswear brand, Ellesse trainers did well with their sponsored deals. It was started by an Italian designer, Leonardo Servadio. Loved for their stitched logos, Ellesse was one of the former brands that emphasized on visible branding. However, it lost its way somewhere in 1990s. The rebirth happened in 2010 with their retro collection. Soon in 2013, the British fashion shop-Asos started selling Ellesse exclusively. With their 144,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 followers on Facebook, Ellesse is back with their fun and glamour shoes.

Off-Court and On-Court Sport Shoes for the Unstoppable

Holding tight the iconic Ellesse branding, the Ellesse training shoes are cherished for their looks and sporting performance. Everybody loves Ellesse’s shoes because of its minimalistic design. Guys, their Anzia and Pavia trainer ranges will make you feel in your own skin as its so comfortable. Girls, Ellesse has the best trainer shoes and slip-ons for you. Ranging from rose gold, bronze, silver to white and black, Ellesse has the right colors for your every occasion. Want to wear Ellesse with your floral dress? Go ahead with their Panforte slips-ons. Want to look sportier? Check out Ellesse’s womens trainer collection.

What makes Ellesse so Special?

With Ellesse’s new collaboration with Mecklenburgh, Ellesse is moving towards sustainable fashion. Their new ecofriendly fabric is made from recycled plastic. Isn’t that a great step in sportswear? The Italian sportswear brand started as a tennis and ski fashion, and then became the luxe footwear design. Now they are pioneering in environment-friendly sportswear. To buy your Ellessse shoes, check out our comfortable and friendly Ellesse collection.

Buy Ellisse Online at Footway

 Footway is proud to add the Ellesse sportswear to its online collection. We know your nostalgic love for the Ellesse brand and we want you to have it delivered at your doorstep. Our images truly reflect the beauty of the Ellesse shoes and you can buy your favorite sports shoes with one click. Navigate our easy-to-use website and be the proud owner of your perfect Ellesse trainers.
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10 results
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