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Tenson - Shoes with function and design

Tenson is a Swedish outdoor brand that produces functional and innovative outdoor clothes that are made for all kinds of weather.Their ambition is to be one of the leading brands for outdoor ski and marine clothing. Are you a person that wants to live an exciting and unrestrained life? Someone who loves taking risks and who thinks of your life as an adventure? Then Tenson is the brand for you.With their tailor-made designs, functionality and high quality, Tenson is a great choice when going out and about.

Tenson - An active lifestyle

Founded in 1951 in Varberg, Sweden, Tenson was a company with innovative thoughts regarding quality and function right from the beginning.Tenson is a popular brand amongst multisport and extreme skiers and they also sponsor the Swedish Skicross and Freestyle team.These teams are also testing Tenson’s products in harsh conditions and when the products work for these demanding athletes you know that they are high quality and functional items.Without compromising on high quality materials, functionality and design, Tenson is a strong and competitive brand that gives you the adventure you are looking for.

Tenson – Comfortable shoes for your Sunday stroll

Tenson makes footwear that will keep you warm on your Sunday stroll.Because of their high quality and design you don’t have to compromise on being warm and looking good. Tenson shoes are made for the active person who loves being outdoors, but is still fashion-conscious. Why compromise when you can have both?With a big collection of classic shoes or boots you will find what you are looking for. They will last for a lifetime, so you can see them as an investment in your shoe collection. You will not regret it!

Buy your Tenson on Footway

If you are looking for high quality outdoor footwear, Tenson is the right brand for you. On Footway you will find the latest collection of Tenson shoes.With fast deliveries and excellent customer service Footway will give you an easy breezy shopping experience online.Being one of the biggest shoe stores online we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.Take a chance and make your life a little bit easier by placing your order on a pair of brand new Tenson shoes on Footway today.We promise you will not regret it!

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9 results
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