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Easy Peasy – for tiny happy feet!

With their eco-friendly values and soft lightweight leather EZPZ – Easy Peasy is the cutest choice for the little ones. These pre-walkers and toddler shoes are an absolute delight for the sight and on the little ones feet. Made from the finest lightweight leather with playful patterns, metallic materials and quirky prints, these shoes are going to add some style and personality to your baby’s outfits.EZPZ is the perfect conscious choice for your baby’s feet so go ahead and buy a pair today. They are going to be loved by everyone and best of all; your baby is going to have happy feet.

EZPZ – a touch of France

With a great passion for high quality and genuine lightweight leather this French brand is making adorable and comfy shoes for tiny feet. With great focus on good quality and a comfortable fit these Tunisian made shoes are one of a kind. They are especially made so that your baby can feel free and easily explore the world around him or her. The leather is strong enough to endure your baby’s adventures without being heavy on the feet. EZPZ has all the qualities you are looking for to get your baby ready to go on their many adventures.

Taking care of your EZPZ is just – Easy Peasy

Kids love running about and doing all kinds of things in all kinds of weather. As the EZPZ shoes are made of durable leather they will last in any kind of weather if you just take care of them from time to time. With the right care they will become as good as new after a day out and about. For the warmer days you can easily find a wide range of adorable leather sandals and for the colder ones you can pick a pair of cosy leather slippers or comfy boots. Your little one will be happy as a hippo!

Find EZPZ online on Footway

Why go to the store and buy your EZPZ when you can easily get them on Footway. As the busy bee we know you are we have made it Easy Peasy for our costumers to shop online. With fast deliveries and fantastic customer service we will provide you with all the information you need to make it easy for you. There´s really not much to think about. Get your EZPZ’s today and while you’re at it, check out our large range of shoes for you and other loved ones as well. We guarantee you’ll find something for everyone. Join the Footway family today and get the shopping experience of your lifetime.

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3 results
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