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slip-on shoes, comfort your feet

Classic slip-on shoes are the best for the warmer months or if you live in a year round gentle and sunny climate. They are ultra-comfortable and very easy to wear. Available in a tremendous array of styles and fabrics, from leather to synthetic to prints, they will became a favourite style in your collection for the ease of wear. Ideal for walking with style around town or on vacation, at the beach or in the evening, they combine sportiness and glamor, perfect for summer looks, Many models are available for children who don’t want to worry about complicated laces,. You will find a number of quality brands including Vans, Hummel, Toms, Duffy and many others.

slip-on shoes Maintenance

Created in leather, synthetic leather or fabric, such as canvas, slip-on shoes can be very easy to maintain depending on their material. If worn every day they can potentially relax excessively on the sides, so it is best to alternate pairs if possible. Clean your slip on shoes with a lightly soapy wet sponge, without forgetting to rub the sole and heel. Treat the upper in a similar fashion. Let your slip-on shoes or slip-on plimsolls dry completely before reuse. For slip-on suede- waterproof them first with a dedicated product, then brush them gently with warm soapy water.

Slip-on shoes: style tips

Initially launched by the skate brand Vans, the slip-on became the "It-shoe", which comes in dozens of different models in all materials and colours with its most popular being the checked Van model. Appreciated for their ease of use, slip on shoes were quickly adopted by fashionistas around the world.They are a great combo of comfort and trend and work effortlessly with outfits for men, women and children. Slip ons look great with skinny pants, shorts and jeans alike. The toughest part about wearing slip ons is deciding which ones to choose!

slip-on shoes online on Footway

Incredibly varied, slip-ons are shoes that can easily be put on without slowing down your stride. Discover the largest collection of slip-on shoes on Footway. You can buy at reasonable prices and enjoy fast shipping and an easy ordering process. Get your favourite brands in your favourite colours from over 100 available models at Footway. Order online now and receive your pair as soon as possible – which isn’t very long at all. If you run into difficulties, just contact our friendly customer service team who will do their best to resolve your concerns within minutes.
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