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Loafers – the classic lace-free shoes

Loafers offer a unique combination of style and casualness. With the absence of laces, they are easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. However, they are elegant enough to be used as formal shoes, for both men and women, when worn with a suit, skirt or other stylish outfit. Loafers lend themselves to a busy lifestyle with their fuss free simplicity. Formal loafers are made of leather, but also may be made of fabric or synthetic materials.

Caring for your loafers

Most shoes need only a little attention from time to time to keep them in good condition. Loafers are no different. Depending on the material, you should clean the surface of your loafers with a dry cloth or soft brush to remove dirt. Caked mud or other stains may require a wipe with a damp cloth. You can condition leather loafers with a waterproofing agent or fat-based polish to add shine and keep the leather supple. Allow shoes to dry out after wearing them and never leave shoes on the radiator.

Style tips for loafers

Loafers have both a masculine and a casual association, but that isn't to say that the right pair of loafers cannot look as feminine as can be. Different styles of loafers give a different feel, and it is the material and colour that often makes the difference. Wear fabric loafers around the house or on casual trips shopping and such. Leather loafers are far more classy and can be worn with formal clothes or at the office. One thing is for sure, the flat style and slip-on nature of loafers make them one of the most comfortable styles of shoe.

Loafers online at Footway

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365 results
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