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Fly flot shoes – comfy shoes and slippers from Italy

“Stile e benessere” is the motto of Italian footwear brand Fly Flot, and it translates to "style and wellbeing". And this is exactly what Fly Flot shoes are all about. These Italians focus on two categories: slippers and sandals. Extra attention has been given to the soles, and Fly Flot have engineered the so-called “four comfort points”. When you buy Fly Flot shoes, you can expect the sole to be cushioned, adapt to your footpad, be comfortable to wear as well as nonslip. Since their launch in 1985, the company has gained many loyal customers all over the world.

Care for your Fly Flot shoes

Slippers and sandals from Fly Flot are made in different materials, often textile or leather in combination with synthetic materials. The shoes are primarily designed to be worn indoors, which means they don’t wear out the same way as other shoes. Start by spraying leather shoes with a protective spray to increase water and dirt resistance. Should your slippers or sandals have some stains, wipe them down with a moist cloth and let them airdry before you wear them again. If you take care of your Fly Flot shoes, they will take good care of you in return.

Fly Flot shoes for a high level of Italian style

The Italian footwear brand has succeeded in making shoes for most situations. Sandals and slippers from Fly Flot are as fly at home as they are in the office. The manufacturer has given great attention to detail, from the sole and material to every seam in the shoe, all to ensure the premium quality you can expect from Fly Flot shoes. The clean design allows for mixing and matching the shoes with jeans, casual trousers as well as dress pants. We also offer more colourful Fly Flot shoes, perfect to wear with a pretty dress or a flowy skirt.

Opt for Fly Flot shoes – order from Footway today

Ergonomics and style – few companies manage to combine these qualities like Italian shoe brand Fly Flot. If you are looking for shoes or slippers to wear at home or at work, order a pair of Fly Flot shoes from Footway. We have a large selection of both men and women models. Order your pair today! And remember, the more you wear them the comfier they get.

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