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Lipsy – a huge London success

When you hear that Lipsy is a London brand, it is immediately obvious from the elegance and passion that is evident in the shoes. When you glance through the Lipsy range, your immediate thought is that it must be an expensive brand, but in fact quite the opposite is true. Lipsy prices are entirely reasonable, and with our regular Footway sales, even more so! However, that doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on quality. Lispy shoes are unfailingly high quality and will last you through months of wear, carrying you through some of the most important events of your career.

How it all began for Lipsy

Lipsy is long-established in London and around the world. However, they manage to combine the wisdom and tradition of an established company with the hype and buzz of a new brand. Lipsy is particularly present on social media and they present their typical customer as a fun, social women who loved hanging out with friends and posting updates about their exciting lives on Twitter and Facebook. However, even if you don’t feel like you fit into that category of woman, there is nothing to stop you from becoming a Lipsy customer and using your footwear to turn some heads at work or out on the town.

Shoe care with Lipsy shoes

When you’ve bought fabulous new Lipsy shoes, the last thing you want is for them to get ruined in an unexpected rain shower. Therefore, we recommend that you keep them protected from the elements by using a spray-on or wipe-on waterproofing formula before you wear the shoes for the first time. Not only does this keep those pesky raindrops from penetrating the materials, it can also help to repel dirt. What could be better than that?

Lipsy online at Footway

Buying online is the norm nowadays, and we think that’s a great thing. Of course, you can sometimes feel a little lonely shopping in an online store in the dead of night, but that’s why we try to include a sense of community in the Footway experience. Whether you’re a regular customer or here for the first time, you can make an account using your email address and then use your log-in to comment on shoes, post on the forums and start conversations with other shoe enthusiasts. It’s like a real shoe shop. Except better!

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194 results
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