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Friis & Company: affordable luxury

Ger your hands on a pair of very fashionable shoes from Friis & Company, which is a brand providing luxury shoes at a more affordable price point. “A bit of luxury for every day” is this company’s motto and it is a pretty inspiring one. How frustrating isn’t it when you find a pair of beautiful shoes, but then you check the price tag… And the wonderful pair unfortunately goes back up on the shelf. With this brand you get the chance to bring some more exclusivity to your wardrobe. We guarantee that you will look and feel extra fancy on your way to work on Monday morning or going to dinner with a group of friends.

Elegant details and glamorous designs with Friis & Company

Friis & Company is a brand that has been very successful around the world and they create beautiful shoes, purses and cute accessories. The stylish purses with elegant details are the core of the brand and probably what most people think of when they hear the company name. The company was founded in the 90’s by Lone Friis, who wanted to give ordinary people a chance to wear luxury shoes for a fraction of the price. The design team works hard and releases 6 collections each year and they make sure to stay on top of the most recent trends. The brand comes out with a variety of shoe models such as high heels, sandals, boots and much more.

Dress up your everyday look with Friis & Company shoes

This brand has created many beautiful heels, some higher than others, but no need to worry about pain and discomfort because their heels are known to be very comfortable. Looking at the collections you can easily tell that the design team puts a lot of thought into details and creativity. If you want to make your everyday life a bit more glamorous, a pair of shoes from Friis & Company is certainly the right way to go. These shoes will add a nice touch of attitude to your outfit and you can match them with many different clothing styles.

Order shoes from Friis & Company online on Footway

Dress up any everyday outfit with a pair of exclusive shoes from Friis & Company. Footway is offering a nice selection of a variety of shoe models such as extravagant pumps, cute flats, summery sandals and plenty more. You can pick your favourite bright colour, maybe something more discreet or why not go for one of the many nice patterns. You will find a lot of flowers, leopard prints and many great colour combinations. So what are you waiting for? Order your favourite pair online on Footway today.

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57 results
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