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G-Star Raw shoes – amazing with denim

G-Star is a denim company that was founded in Amsterdam in 1989. The Dutch designer Jos van Tilburg was the founder and their denim clothing is famous for the models such as Liv Tyler and Lily Cole who have worn it. From the small beginnings, G-star now has more than 6500 selling points around the globe. They still remain true to the original concept though, which was to take raw denim and create beautiful clothes out of it. G-Star Raw shoes are created for the simple purpose of looking good with their denim creations, but we at Footway like to think that these shoes could go with a range of looks.

Looking after G-Star Raw shoes

Take care of your shoes and they will take care of your feet in return. Wipe down shoes after wearing them and let them dry naturally at room temperature. If you have been out in the rain, it might be tempting to put your shoes on the radiator to dry them quickly. However, you should resist the urge! Direct heat can cause sensitive leather and suede to split and crack. The same goes for leaving your shoes in the sunlight.

Style tips for G-Star Raw shoes

The G-Star Raw shoes we offer range from boots to ballerinas and wedge sandals to trainers. There is a wide range of the latter, in a specially designed spectrum of colours that perfectly complement the raw colours of untreated denim. If you like to wear jeans or think you have a denim fan inside you, then these shoes could be the ideal footwear to wear every day in casual settings. For the colder months you can choose a pair of ankle boots. We have both men’s and women’s models available, the latter with various heel heights.

G-Star Raw shoes online at Footway

The only thing you need to worry about when shopping at Footway is choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with those jeans or that skirt you have in mind. Once your choice is made, the hard part is behind you and you can leave all of the rest of it to us. Place your order and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick it is to get a pair of G-Star Raw shoes delivered to your house. No need to wait for your shoes with our fast delivery rates.

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95 results
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