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Gabor shoes – high quality and high fashion

The German brand of Gabor is a purveyor of high quality and fashionable shoes. These shoes will be a solid complement to any outfit for work, especially if you want to make a good impression and present the appearance of being well groomed and careful about selecting your clothes. There are also a number of more playful models that would enhance and add a touch of colour to your outfit on formal occasions or even nights out. The high quality materials that go into the manufacturing of the shoes speak for themselves. As do the designs.

Care instructions for Gabor shoes

Caring for shoes is always important, but particularly so when you have a pair of really high quality shoes. Be sure to keep your shoes nice by wiping them down after every time you wear them. If dust or dirt gets ingrained, you can use a soft brush to buff them and apply polish to retain the shine. Never let your shoes dry near a source of direct heat as this may damage the materials. Simply place them in room temperature to dry out before you store them. Using several different pairs of shoes in a week is another good strategy to lengthen the life of all of them.

Style tips for Gabor shoes

These shoes might seem plain at first glance, but a closer look at each model will reveal any number of added decorations, such as buckles, fringes and coloured panelling. Likewise, Gabor shoes are perfect for women who prefer to wear plain colours but liven up their outfit with accessories. However, remember the golden rule of less is more. The pretty yet understated look is something that Gabor shoes are ultimately successful in achieving.

Gabor shoes online at Footway

Most women have to attend formal or dressy occasions at some point during the year, so a pair of Gabor shoes could be just the thing to make sure that you are prepared. Ordering Gabor shoes at Footway could not be any easier. We have perfected our easy ordering process so you can order your new shoes without any fuss. We offer super-fast delivery and we are ready and waiting to help you with any questions or concerns that may have arisen while you were browsing. Don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to make your life easier.

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