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Gardenia, a trendsetting Danish brand

Gardenia is brand for women who prefer timeless, sleek designs that never go out of style. The company creates beautiful shoes of the highest quality with carefully selected materials and a very comfortable fit. There are many styles to choose from such as boots, colourful pumps and nude sandals. The shoes can be worn with a casual outfit for a classic, basic look or you can step out of your comfort zone and match them with a different style that you might not wear every day. These shoes are perfect for women who want a versatile pair for all kinds of looks.

Gardenia shoes - detailed craftsman ship and classic designs

Gardenia was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1941 by Herman Gutkin. The company started with a completely different idea which was to create handmade wooden shoes. This later changed and they decided to go in another direction and instead started producing fashionable shoes for women. The company focuses on impeccable craftsmanship, high quality materials and amazing comfort. The brand has even been voted the most popular Danish brand several times, which is a big achievement. The company is currently managed by Allan Gutkin, who continues to do great things with the company that his grandfather started.

Renew your wardrobe with Gardenia shoes

Gardenia is the perfect brand for you if you want:- Footwear from an innovative brand, ahead of the trends, with timeless designs- Elegant shoes for smart casual as well as everyday looks- To improve your fashion sense with stylish shoes for work, the beach, the park or lounging at home- A mix of bright fun colours that will make your outfit pop or more discreet shades to complete your look- To renew your wardrobe with classic and new styles that you can wear all year round

Find the perfect pair of Gardenia shoes online on Footway

Gardenia is only one of many brands that you can find online on Footway. We have thousands of amazing shoes, different styles, colours and patterns to choose from. Gardenia is a brand that you can trust will deliver if you are looking for classic, yet trendy shoes that are suitable for many different occasions. Footway is the place to be if you want an easy shopping experience and a variety of options. Our customer service team will be happy to help if you have any questions or concerns while browsing the website until the shoes reach your home.

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34 results
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