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Garvalin shoes for playful, active children

Do you have children who simply just can’t get enough of playing around, indoors or outdoors, no matter what the weather is like? If yes is the answer to this question, Garvalin is the brand that you need to try. This company produces shoes for every season of the year and this is your chance to always be prepared with the right pair of shoes at home. Garvalin has stylish models for both boys and girls and they are very comfortable to wear. You can find shoes made of genuine leather, durable rubber and other strong, high quality materials.

Garvalin – A strong player in the shoe industry

Garvalin is a Spanish footwear company and it’s been around for ages. The company was founded in 1968 in southeast of Spain and has been focusing on durable and functional children’s shoes ever since. Quality and fit are two other priorities with this brand and each pair is thoughtfully designed with children in mind. The materials used in production are always top quality and you can expect strong leather, very durable rubber and most importantly, practical designs. Your children can run and play as much as they want, and Garvalin shoes will protect their feet.

Take good care of your Garvalin shoes

Children love to play around outside, which is why it’s extra important for all the parents out there to pick out durable shoes. It’s also very important to invest in shoe care products to be able to clean and care for the shoes in the best possible way. Apply grease specifically made for leather shoes or a waterproofing spray to add even more protection for when it’s wet outside. There are also many other products for all the different materials so look around and see which one is most suitable for your shoes.

Garvalin shoes online on Footway

Footway has a range of options from Garvalin for different seasons so take a look at the selection and see if you can find your child’s next favourite pair. Footway has an easy ordering process and you can quickly fill out your information that can be saved if you want to come back and order something else. This way it will be even more convenient next time you place an order. Use the search function to find exactly what you are looking for or use the filters if you want to narrow your search to a few options. Welcome to Footway!

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3 results
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