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Geox shoes – mixing technology and fashion since 1995

Geox was founded in Italy in 1995. The brand name is formed of the Greek word “Geo”, meaning earth, and the letter X, which symbolises technology. This mix of the natural with the high-tech is what Geox is all about. However, using just two attributes to describe the brand fails to capture their beauty and the quiet sense of style that exudes from every pair of shoes. At Footway, we offer almost 300 models of Geox shoes and can guarantee there will be something among the range that catches your eye.

Caring for Geox shoes

The Geox brand uses a variety of fabrics and materials in creating their shoes. However, the care instructions can be applied across the board. Always use a waterproofing agent on your shoes before the first use. You can buy one from any shoe store or order online. Keep your shoes clean by wiping or brushing off dirt as soon as you can. Allow your shoes to dry naturally at room temperature and keep them out of direct sunlight. Use of a shoehorn can help to protect the shape of the shoes and allow them to stay fine for a longer period.

Style tips for Geox shoes

Geox is a versatile brand, offering all kinds of footwear. Whether you are looking for a new pair of sandals for your upcoming holiday or a pair of boots for autumn weather, you will find something appropriate in the Geox range at Footway. In many cases, they offer both a plain and a coloured or patterned version of the same model, so there is something to please both types of people. Most Geox shoes have a rounded toe for supreme comfort and protection for your feet.

Geox shoes online at Footway

They say that good things come to those who wait. While the Geox brand is undoubtedly a good thing, delivery of your Geox shoes will occur within a short while of ordering. This is good news for most people, as we all hate to wait and you will probably want to try out your shoes as soon as possible after ordering them. It may take a while to choose the perfect pair (or pairs) from our wide selection, but once you have made up your mind, the rest of the ordering and shipping process will happen very quickly.

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244 results
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