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Green Comfort shoes – snug and environmentally conscious shoes

This Danish brand is as remarkable for the elegant and cosy design of their shoes as they are for their environmentally sound ideals and values. The two founders started in 1994 with what became their trademark patented sole that had such amazing shock absorbing qualities that it quickly became the foundation for a range of optimum relief footwear which is run alongside the Green Comfort brand. These shoes follow the latest trends, but also try to minimise the footprint left on the global environment as a direct result of the production.

Caring for Green Comfort shoes

Looking after your shoes may take different forms, depending on what type of shoes you have chosen and the material it is made of. For leather and synthetic models, you should wipe or brush dirt off using a soft brush or cloth. With fabric or woollen models you can hand-wash the shoes at low temperatures, but be sure to use only mild laundry soap or detergent. For shoes or boots made of suede, try to avoid getting them wet because this delicate material can stain. Instead just brush away dirt with a suede brush.

Style tips for Green Comfort shoes

Green comfort suggests that there would be plenty of green coloured shoes in the range. However, while there is a bright spectrum of shades to choose from, green is markedly rare. However, there is still a fascinating selection of shoes. You can go for Mary Janes in navy, red, black or beige, or a cool mid-calf boot in a variety of shiny colours. For children, there are a number of pairs of cosy slippers that will both keep children’s feet cosy and appeal to their playful side.

Green Comfort shoes online at Footway

Ordering shoes online can be a scary prospect. However, we have worked hard to demystify our ordering process and we are confident that you will find it easy to make your selection and to order your shoes. In the unlikely event that you run into difficulties, or if you have a particularly complicated request, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are friendly and always ready to help our customers, and we are available by phone and email. Get your dream shoes shipped to your directly within just a few hours by ordering today.

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33 results
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