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Harley Davidson shoes – boots for the bikers at heart

Everyone will have heard of the legendary Harley Davidson brand, but not many people associate it with footwear. However it is true that this American motorcycle manufacturer is also a widespread producer of boots. Needless to say, the boots are designed and produced with motorcycles in mind, so they are right in line with the biker image of black leather and a sleek, chunky design. However there are also some brown engineer style models among the ladies selection that will be a treat whether you ride a motorcycle or simply want to wear a stylish pair of boots.

Taking care of Harley Davidson shoes

The leather used to make Harley Davidson shoes and boots is of undeniably high quality, which means that it deserves great care to keep the shoes in good condition. Brush off dust and dirt from the shoes using a soft brush and apply a protective polish to repel moisture and condition the leather. Always let the shoes or boots dry thoroughly by leaving them in the open air. You can stuff them with paper to speed up the process. Try a spray or apply a waterproofing treatment to protect the leather from hard wear.

Style tips for Harley Davidson shoes

A typical biker outfit is chosen for a reason. The black leather has the best chance of withstanding the harsh conditions and cold temperatures of a motorcycle ride in bad weather. It also looks very cool when the weather is nice! However, you don’t have to go full on with the biker gear to be able to wear Harley Davidson boots. They are stylish enough to go well with other outfits as well, although their distinctive design and label might mean that you get some nods from other bikers.

Harley Davidson shoes online at Footway

Who would have thought that you could get so many types of shoes at Footway. Although we advertise our extensive range of shoes, hearing about it and actually seeing the breadth of our collection are two different things. Even bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts can shop here. Our fast delivery and easy shopping experiences are two immutable reasons why people choose to keep coming back. If you need any help with choosing, ordering or paying for your shoes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to your order!

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2 results
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