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Havaianas shoes – the modern rubber flip-flops

The Havaianas brand is all about sun, sand and flip-flops. That’s right. Flip-flops and more flip-flops. Havaianas is actually the original company behind the idea for rubber flip-flops, as in 1966 the parent company patented the design for a rubber sole with a strap. The traditional Japanese rice straw model was around for much longer than that and the original Havaianas (the Portuguese word for Hawaiians) were based on those. Nowadays at Footway, you can buy over 50 different varieties of the rubber flip-flops that proved to be so successful and have made Havaianas into the company they are today.

Caring for Havaianas shoes

The great thing about flip flops is the amazing lack of fuss they embody. Not only are they amazingly simple to slip on and off, they also protect your feet while keeping them cool. Anyone who goes through summer without getting flip-flop tan lines on their feet has had a poor summer indeed. Keep your Havaianas shoes in great shape by washing them every now and then and leaving them to air dry. You can use plain water or some detergent to get rid of dirt or grease.

Style tips for Havaianas shoes

The beauty of flip-flops is that they can be worn with practically anything (except maybe highly formal outfits) and add a great summery touch while keeping your feet cool and ventilated. Although the majority of the sole is unseen under your foot, the strap is visible, so it’s the strap you should look at when matching colours with summer dresses or shorts. With plenty of black, white and pink, there are options to suit both genders and a range of sizes to ensure that your feet aren’t left on the hot pavement this summer.

Havaianas shoes online at Footway

Along with being easy to put on, wear and match, Havaianas are also ridiculously easy to send through the post. So small and light that they hardly take up any room. However, you can be sure that even if they were the heaviest and most bulky shoes known to man, we would still work hard to send them to you within hours or receiving your order, because that’s how much we love you. Try out our fast delivery speeds for Havaianas shoes or another brand here on the Footway website. Out selection is huge, our website is user-friendly and we are the friendliest people in online shoe-shopping.

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66 results
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