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Hope shoes – for authentic and detailed elegance

Hope is a Swedish brand that has been around since their first exhibition in Stockholm in 2001. During the 15 years since then, the Hope brand has developed but remains true to the values of low key, raw and authentic fashion for men and women. They aim for their garments and shoes to give a feeling of wellbeing when worn, and support free movement and a relaxed, yet well-groomed look. The shoes in their range draw inspiration from traditional work wear and uniforms, as can be seen from the shoes and ankle boots on offer at Footway. Many interesting details enhance the appearance of the shoes without detracting from the wearability.

Looking after a pair of Hope shoes

Wearing Hope shoes is an everyday pleasure in the modern world. Be sure to prolong the life of that pleasure by taking good care of your hope shoes so that they remain in good condition for the long term. You can keep shoes looking nice by cleaning them regularly with water and a soft cloth. If your shoes are made of fabric, they can even be gently machine washed at a low temperature, but never use this treatment on leather shoes. Allow shoes to dry naturally in the open air.

Style tips for Hope shoes

One of the distinguishing features of Hope shoes is the intricate details. Many shoes have a little extra, such as an interesting strap design or patterns of studs or buckles. The simplicity of other models is their greatest strength in accentuating the clean lines of a suit or skirt suit when you wear them together. The range of colours used are chosen especially for their ability to age with dignity, so your shoes will stay looking great even after months or years of use.

Hope shoes online at Footway

Hope is a word often used when it comes to online shopping. “I hope my shoes will be delivered soon.” “I hope I like the colour.” With Footway, there is no need to hope because you can be certain about our fast delivery and the accuracy of the photographic representation of the shoes we sell. Each pair is photographed from several angles to enhance your view and you can be sure that the colours stay true to the real thing. Any remaining concerns about shopping online – don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to lay your mind at rest.

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29 results
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