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Hub Footwear shoes – for a shared love of sports and elegance

The Hub Footwear brand encompasses Dutch style and attitude with a trendy and minimalist design. The company started in 2004 and is based around the legacy of Dutch tennis star Huub van Boeckel, who wanted to start a range of shoes that fit both the sports and the urban environment. Like the founder, this high-quality footwear already has fans around the world, and the Hub name represents shared interest in a common goal or activity. Whether you are interested in tennis or simply want some stunning shoes to carry you through your everyday life, these resplendent beauties will be just the ticket.

Instructions for looking after Hub Footwear shoes

Keep your Hub Footwear shoes looking nice by keeping them clean. Use a waterproofing liquid before you wear them and then after every time you clean them. This is the secret to keeping the dirt and moisture out of your shoes and preserving the amazing look and colour. You also need to be careful to let your shoes dry out after every time you wear them. Even if your feet don’t sweat that much, moisture can accumulate and lead to damage in the shoe materials. Let those babies air dry and they will be fresh for the next time you want to wear them.

Style tips for Hub Footwear shoes

This range of shoes is all about attitude in colour. Express yourself in a bold way by choosing a bright colour to represent yourself. Use your feet as the canvas for your personality and go for a green or yellow to stand out from the crowd. These shoes are perfect for wearing with both sporty and urban outfits and they will go as well with jeans as they do with shorts. Catch the eye of the in-crowd, and before you know it, you could be joining them.

Hub Footwear shoes online at Footway

Have a go at ordering some shoes online and see how quickly you can get your dream pair in your hands. Quick delivery is one of the true advantages when it comes to the service at Footway. We also count our great website as one of the selling points. No only do advertise our fantastically broad range, but we also consider the site to be attractive and easy to use. No wonder we have so many satisfied customers.

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6 results
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