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Hush Puppies shoes – soft, comfortable and available to buy here!

Hush Puppies are synonymous with comfort, as represented by their signature basset hound logo. The brand has been going since 1958 when they started a movement towards casual and comfort-oriented footwear. Nowadays the company has sold over 17 million pairs of shoes and is firmly positioned as a global footwear manufacturer. A light-hearted spirit and casual lifestyle characterise these shoes, as do the high quality materials and innovation in the design. They are intended to be comfortable without compromising the look or fashion sense.

Taking care of Hush Puppies shoes

Whether you have chosen a pair of comfortable slippers or stylish boots, your Hush Puppies will benefit from a little love and attention. Keep your shoes clean by wiping or brushing off dust and dirt with a cloth or soft brush. You can use water on leather and synthetic materials but be careful not to get suede shoes wet. After cleaning, allow shoes to dry thoroughly before storing them. Use a shoehorn to protect the backs of your shoes when you put them on. Another great tip is to use a waterproofing agent on the outer material from time to time.

Style tips for Hush Puppies shoes

The Hush Puppies range at Footway encompasses plenty of choice. There are ballerinas, boots, clogs and all kinds of men’s slip-ons and lace-ups. Not to mention the signature Hush Puppy slippers. You could probably fill your entire need for shoes from the Hush Puppies selection, and we recommend that you check out the entire range. The company themselves suggest that the best accompaniment to the shoes is a smile. We also recommend wearing clothes, but it’s up to you. One thing is certain; with the high level of comfort from these shoes, you will have no problem putting on a smile!

Hush Puppies shoes online at Footway

Since Hush Puppies sell thousands of pairs of shoes every year, it stands to reason that a proportion of those sales go through Footway. We are proud to be a Hush Puppies supplier and we are as much a fan of the basset hound as you are. We are also big fans of our customers. Seriously, we like nothing better than to send out pairs of shoes to you guys. So please make our day and place an order for a pair of Hush Puppies shoes.

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119 results
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