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Ulle shoes – Swedish comfort and cosiness

The name of this brand comes from the Swedish word for wool, and there are many reasons, not least of which is the material that the shoes are made of. The shoes and slippers in the Ulle collection are made in careful harmony with nature. The main material used is 100% pure new wool, meaning that it has been newly sheared from a sheep, rather than being recycled or mixed with other fibres. This amazing material adapts to the shape of your foot, making every step a true pleasure.

Care instructions for Ulle shoes

As the main material of these slippers is 100% wool, they will need very little care. Wool is naturally resistant to dirt and odours and will retain its appearance with only the odd brush down and with being allowed to air regularly. The latter is very important to prevent the build-up of moisture which can lead to problems later on down the line. If your slippers become very soiled, you can even wash them at a low temperature on a wool setting in the machine. Be sure to use very little detergent and no fabric softener.

Style tips for Ulle shoes

One of the amazing things about wool in particular is that it is self-regulating when it comes to temperature. It keeps you warm, but also breathes and has a natural wicking action to move moisture away from your body. This means that your feet will remain at a pleasant temperature in both warm and cold weather. This harmony throughout the body is part of the Ulle philosophy, and can be inferred from the lovely quality of their footwear. Whether you are buying slippers for yourself or as a present, the result will be cosy feet and the urge to never wear outdoor shoes again.

Ulle shoes online at Footway

We are experts in footwear, so you should believe us when we tell you that Ulle shoes are some of the cosiest on the market. If you are looking for a lovely pair of slippers, you can hardly do better than this brand. Simply choose the colour you want and let us know, and we will send them to you with extra fast delivery. The broad selection of Footway brands and our great customer service are just two of the advantages of shopping here with us.

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48 results
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