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Inov8 shoes – for all terrains and all weathers

Inov8 was founded in 2003 and provides all terrain footwear, clothing and equipment to people who love the outdoors and engage in some of the most extreme forms of outdoor enjoyment. Whether you are a long-distance hiker, a climber, a fell runner or an outdoor athlete of another kind, there are shoes available for you, all based on the Inov8 principles of innovation, craftsmanship, excellence and an interaction with the environment. These shoes are all about comfort, protection and support, but there is a healthy dose of colour added in as well. Check out the range available on Footway as you contemplate your next outdoor adventure.

How to look after Inov8 shoes

If your shoes have become less than fresh, then it’s surely thanks to you completing plenty of training sessions. Whether they are covered in dirt or sweat, you can hand-wash the shoes. First remove the footbed and then rinse them inside and out using cold water. It’s essential to keep the temperature cool to avoid damaging the materials. You can then leave them to dry naturally, but be sure to keep them away from heat sources such as radiators and boilers, as direct heat also has a degenerative effect on the materials. Replace the footbed when the shoes are completely dry.

Style tips for Inov8 shoes

Style is often the last thing on the mind of the serious athlete. However, with Inov8 shoes, style is a given, so you don’t have to think about it either way. For the barefoot enthusiasts, there are also toe shoes available, which allow the individual movement of each toe while protecting the foot as a whole. The colour spectrum of Inov8 shoes is as varied and as innovative as the types of terrain you may encounter while running the fells.

Inov8 shoes online at Footway

Sending out shoes like the Inov8 range is a special pleasure because we get to imagine all the amazing places that these shoes will see when you wear them on your outdoor adventure. While we are jealous of your outdoor pursuits, it’s also safe to say that we wouldn’t exchange our job for yours, as we can’t imagine a better life than spending our days surrounded by shoes. Let us send you a pair of new Inov8 shoes from our warehouse. Fast delivery is a given.

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12 results
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