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Ipanema shoes – Flip-flops from Brazil’s most famous beach

Everyone has heard of the Girl From Ipanema, and here are the flip-flips she was wearing. Ipanema shoes are some of the world’s most beautiful flip-flops and sandals, which reflect the vibrant colours, easy-going lifestyle and natural beauty of this amazing South American country. Although the parent company has been in existence since 1971, the Ipanema brand only came into existence in 2001. However, that still gives the brand over 15 years to perfect their iconic flip-flops. After taking a look at the range on offer, we think that you will agree that they have succeeded.

Care tips for Ipanema shoes

Looking after flip-flops is easy. They are made of easily washable materials and can be washed under the tap or rinsed with soap and rubbed with your fingers to remove dirt. If you wear your flip-flops every day then it’s worth giving them a quick rinse each evening to keep them fresh. If you spend a lot of time on the beach, the harsh sand and salt can play havoc with the materials and sunlight can cause bleaching of the materials. Rinsing away the aftermath when you get home is a good way to prolong the life of your shoes. Let them dry naturally and they will be ready to go again tomorrow.

Style tips for Ipanema shoes

Ipanema shoes are all about beach style. One of the great things about flip-flops is the effortlessly summery touch they add to your appearance. They are the ultimate no-fuss shoes and keep your feet cool and ventilated while protecting the soles from whatever may be lurking on the pavement. Our range of Ipanema flip-flops are beautifully coloured and you can go for a coordinated look by matching your footwear with your bathing costume or bikini. Slip into a sundress and wear flip-flips every day while the summer lasts.

Ipanema shoes online at Footway

Sending out hundreds of pairs of flip-flops makes us sigh with pleasure because we know that summer is on the way. At Footway, we have learned to tell the seasons through the kind of shoes that our customers are buying. If you have set your heart on a pair of beautiful Ipanema shoes then don’t wait any longer. Use our simple ordering process to place your request and let us send you a piece of pure Brazilian beauty to enhance your summer holiday.

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17 results
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