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Irregular Choice shoes – fit for fairy tale princesses

Irregular Choice shoes are definitely not your normal and average run-of-the-mill brand. As the name suggests, the shoes are something entirely different, but what the name cannot encompass is how amazingly gorgeous these shoes are. Inspired by fairy tales and enchantment, the shoes are fit for queens, princesses, damsels in distress and femme fatales of all kind. You would never guess that this brand was dreamed up by a man, but it’s true that Londoner Dan Sullivan founded the brand in 1999 in order to follow his ambition of standing out from the crowd.

Looking after Irregular Choice shoes

These shoes are so beautiful that you almost don’t want to wear them. However, they are also too nice to leave mouldering at the back or your wardrobe. A nice compromise is to wear them as often as you like, but to spend a little time caring for them after each time you take them on an outing. Clean the shoes by wiping away dust and dirt or use a foam-based cleaner for stubborn stains. Leave the shoes to dry thoroughly before storing them so that they will be fresh for the next adventure together.

Style tips for Irregular Choice shoes

Have you ever wanted to wear peacocks or an entire bouquet of flowers on your feet? With Irregular choice shoes, you can. These shoes are bound to draw everyone’s attention so just be prepared to tell everyone where you got them from. You could wear an equally colourful and patterned outfit, or go for a plain dress or skirt to accentuate the effect of the shoes. At Footway we offer more than 60 of these fabulous creations, so whatever colour, pattern or effect you are going for, there will surely be a shoe to fit.

Irregular Choice shoes online at Footway

Each and every time someone buys a pair of Irregular Choice shoes, we rejoice in the Footway office. Well, actually, we do that every time someone buys a pair of shoes from any of the brands we sell. That’s because we love to sell shoes so much. With all the sales we make every day, you can imagine how our life is one long party. It’s great! With fast delivery, a super smooth shopping experience and wonderful customer service, our customers are pretty happy about it too. Join the party and shop with us at Footway today.

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15 results
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