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Jalas – shoes that work when you work

Some people spend their work days in heels, sitting by a desk at a reception and only occasionally have to stand up to help a customer or a guest. That´s nice, but other people have jobs that require a lot more from their feet. At a building site, in a restaurant kitchen or a hospital, the staff are on their feet nearly all day long, which means that when they go home after a shift their feet are very tired and often sore. Unless, of course, they are wearing Jalas shoes. Jalas shoes are designed for long working days and have become one of the most popular brands in this category. No surprise to us!

Jalas shoes has a history of foot friendly models

Jalas is a Finnish shoe brand founded in the early 1900´s. Jalas offers ergonomically designed work shoes for many different working sectors. With a comfortable shape, the shoe and its sole offer extra protection and support, as well as an optimal grip even on a slippery floor. There are several different types of shoes, suitable for different work conditions. Some examples are the feminine low shoes called Viola made in nice shiny leather with a decorative flower at the top, or the more robust Model 4738 with extra support around the toe area. Who said you can´t look nice even if you work in tough environments?

How to care for Jalas shoes

Jalas always uses top quality leather and other sustainable materials that will shape to your feet so that your shoes get more comfortable the more you wear them. Jalas require little or no maintenance. Leather needs to be treated occasionally with leather grease and if you do look after them properly, they will probably stay in good condition until the day you retire!

Jalas shoes- buy them online from Footway

Spoil yourself (or your staff) with new working shoes from Jalas. There are only advantages:- Robust design- Sustainable materials- Easily maintained materials- The shoes will shape to your feetGive yourself the best possible work conditions by buying a pair of Jalas shoes from Footway. We offer a large variety of shoes for different work fields such as healthcare or restaurants. Wear Jalas to work and go for a jog afterwards!

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6 results
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