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Jenny by Ara – a collection of inspiring and colourful footwear

Jenny By Ara has quickly become a favourite when it comes to shoe fashion. Their neat ballerina shoes are very lightweight and have fancy details and colours that make them stand out. In addition to this, they are extremely comfortable and shape to your feet. They offer a nice support and work well in any context. Spoil yourself with a pair of new ballerinas today, from the latest Jenny by Ara collection.

Jenny by Ara shoes - history and models

Jenny by Ara has sprung from the idea that shoes should shape to your feet and not the other way around. Over 60 years ago the idea came to mind that would eventually turn into the fabulous brand Jenny by Ara, which has become internationally famous for their comfortable and fashionable shoes. Elegance and functionality make a great combination and this is what you get when you invest in a pair of Jenny by Ara shoes. They have plenty of models other than the outstanding ballerina collection for which they are most famous, and some examples are high heels or more sporty and casual shoes suitable for long walks or shopping sprees. A discrete approach with outstanding sense of detail characterize this brand, no matter the model.

Jenny by Ara – perfect everyday shoes, except when it rains

Jenny by Ara designs shoes for fancy cocktail parties as well as for daily wear. You can wear them with practically anything since they are so discrete. They are more like accessories than just footwear. With lovely bright colours, patterns and decorative details they are equally perfect in any situation. Jenny by Ara does not require much maintenance at all, but perhaps you should try to avoid dancing in the rain when you wear them. Match them with a large summer hat and a lovely dress and you will look like the cover of any fashion magazine!

Jenny by Ara – your next online purchase from Footway?

At Footway we know that wearing a pair of lovely shoes can make a whole lot of difference in someone´s life. Your actual appearance is of course improved but also the way your feel about yourself, which is even more important. Lovely shoes make people happy and happy people look great! Do you want to look great? Order your new pair of Jenny by Ara shoes from Footway today. Shopping has never been easier or more fun!

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