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JJ Footwear shoes for fashionistas

Do you like the feel of suede and leather shoes? Does the scent in a store where fine quality leather puts its signature to the whole store make you want to move in and stay there for the rest of your life? JJ Footwear is well-known for quality leather and suede footwear. Boots and shoes in fabulous design with a nice cut and made in absolute top quality materials, JJ Footwear really has come to stay. In our nice autumn coloured selection there are several beautiful models with high, semi high or low heels, in combinations of dark red, black and classic brown leather.

JJ Footwear – timeless shoes that have come to stay

All women are different and this goes for taste and preferences as well. However, most women are likely to feel the same hunger for a pair of JJ Footwear shoes or boots when they see them. Luckily, this brand has brought the idea of all women are different right into their design. Therefore, JJ Footwear offers boots with larger measurements around the calf, as well as with pointy or rounded toes.For almost a hundred years, JJ Footwear has made shoes for women, and we reckon they will keep doing so forever.

JJ Footwear shoes - styling tips and care advice

Match your JJ Footwear shoes with jeans or more fancy clothing, they go well with everything. Practical buckles and elastics on the back of the calf do not only make the boots fit well on those 40% of women who usually leave the shoe stores with disappointment, but it also makes nice decorative details on the boots. Real Italian leather is the best available on the market and if you offer your boots or shoes some leather grease every now and then, they will stay with you for a long time.

JJ Footwear shoes online at Footway

We are so happy to welcome you to the online shopping world of Footway! We offer quality footwear from a huge number of different shoe brands from all over the world and shopping with us is as easy as can be. Simply search for JJ Footwear and browse through our selection of fine shoes from this quality brand. Place your order today and await your delivery in just a short while.

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