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Johnny Bulls shoes – Spanish meets Western

If you’re into black boots, you have come to the right page. Inspired by bikers, cowboys and other big-booted sub-cultures, Johnny Bulls provides the world with men and women’s boots in various models and shades of black and dark brown. Despite the western appearance, the brand is actually based and manufactured in Spain, where there is a long tradition of bull fighting which has undoubtedly influenced the choice of materials and uncompromising quality. Whether you are a part of the biker culture or simply want a pair of high-quality boots, Johnny Bulls could be the brand you are looking for.

Care instructions for Johnny Bulls

It’s worth putting time and effort into taking care of your shoes, especially if you have a high quality pair of Johnny Bulls shoes. There are hundreds of care tips for leather boots, but it mainly comes down to keeping them clean, waterproof and making sure they are allowed to air dry after every use. Putting leather shoes on the radiator or in direct sunlight is a recipe for disaster, so avoid that at all cost. A shoehorn can help you put on and take off the shoes without damaging the shape.

Style tips for Johnny Bulls

The biker look has its own style rules, which may be different from region to region. However, many Johnny Bulls enthusiasts are simply fans because of the high quality and great design of these boots. Despite the rugged reputation, Johnny Bulls shoes can be worn with normal outfits, such as jeans, skirts or smart trousers. They can provide protection and warmth during the colder months, or be worn simply as a style item on nights out. Although the choice of colours is limited, the beautiful deep black and rich browns that are available speak for themselves.

Johnny Bulls shoes online at Footway

The best thing about running an online shoe retailing business is the close contact with all the shoes! However, we are also big fans of shipping out all the shoes that are ordered, so that the love of shoes can be spread far and wide around Europe. Johnny Bulls boots are of a high enough quality that you very rarely need to replace them. That’s why it’s a treat for us to send out an order to a new customer. If you have fallen under the spell of these great boots, don’t hesitate to place your order. Our process is simple and the rewards are fast – in the form of super-quick delivery.

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43 results
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