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KangaROOS - the original shoes with pockets

The KangaROOS concept is truly a unique one. The brand started in 1979 with the great idea of making shoes with a small zipped pocket. This pocket would be large enough to hold a locker key or a few coins, and thus the KangaROOS brand was born. The idea took hold but the shoes quickly became prized more for the quality than for the pockets. Nowadays, the company is still committed to high quality and a true athletic ethos of dedication and always striving to be better. With or without the pocket, these are high quality shoes which deserve a closer look.

KangaROOS shoes and how to look after them

Whether your KangaROOS shoes have a pocket or not, you can care for them just as you would care of any other kind of sports shoe. Wipe or wash away dirt and dust. You can use plain water or a little detergent for heavy soiling. Always allow your shoes to dry at room temperature, whether you have cleaned them recently or not. The sweat and moisture picked up while you train need to have a chance to evaporate so that the shoes will be fresh and ready for the next time you want to wear them.

Style tips for KangaROOS shoes

KangaROOS shoes are for serious sportsmen and those who are dedicated to surpassing goals and achieving their best, whatever the field. Whether you are an athlete, enjoy training as a hobby or want a pair of reliable shoes to carry you through your daily challenges, the KangaROOS brand won’t let you down. The stylish design is suitable for sports and casual outfits. Wear these shoes with shorts or jeans and the boots will keep your feet cosy in the winter.

KangaROOS shoes online at Footway

Whenever we see a pair of KangaROOS hopping off the shelves, we know that there’s a good reason. This great brand has been a favourite among many of our customers for a long time, and we take great pleasure in sending out KangaROOS shoes to new customers because we know that they will come to love the shoes as much as we do. When you shop with Footway you can be sure of getting a great shopping experience, a broad selection of shoes to choose from and fast delivery. What could be better?

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