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Kavat – shoes that last for both big and small

The idea behind Kavat has always been to make functional, stylish shoes for kids (and now also for adults!) that can handle the wear and tear of the Scandinavian seasons and kid’s play.

Family-owned shoe brand

Kavat is a Swedish family business founded in 1945, when Kavat’s founder Ragnar “Ragge” Karlsson started his own shoemaking business. When his son Bengt took over the business, he renamed it after the family’s Kavat (which means brave in old Swedish) and started making kids’ shoes of incredibly high quality. It was a roaring success and today it’s safe to say that every Swedish parent knows what Kavat is. In recent years their range has come to include adult shoes as well, which is incredibly exciting for adults who want stylish Swedish design and long-lasting shoes!

Sustainability that includes shoes as well as the environment

Despite our throwaway society, at Kavat they have never compromised the quality – their children’s shoes are hardwearing and will resist the stress that is put on a pair of kid’s shoes. Preferably, a pair of Kavat should be passed on to sibling number two and three as well. They take their promise of sustainability a step further by guaranteeing that all shoes from Kavat are free from Teflon, PTFE and other flourishing hydrocarbons, which is incredibly important when it comes to shoes for children. In 2008, they came out with their first eco-labeled models with EU’s EcoLabel. Now more than 50 of Kavat’s models have this labelling!

Shoes that are made to last

In a pair of shoes from Kavat, kids can play – often and a lot. The shoes are comfy and made to resist all kinds of weather. Kavat also give great advice on how to care for their shoes, so always check the care advice that you can find in the shoe box or online, and your shoes from Kavat are sure to last even longer.

Kavat online at Footway

Here at Footway, you’ll find a great selection of shoes from Kavat, with more than 400 models for both kids and adults who want stylish and comfortable shoes. Parents who need a break from the stress of bringing up children will be able to relax and enjoy our simple ordering process. And with our fast delivery speeds, you can try out your new shoes in no time.

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714 results
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