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Keds – canvas shoes for all

The Keds name is synonymous with quality canvas shoes for a variety of purposes. Whether you are camping, working in the garden or taking easy walks down summer lanes, these canvas shoes offer the perfect protection and ventilation for your feet. Their original Champion collection has made it cool to be understated in both your footwear and your attitude to life. Although Keds are not suitable for running, they say that you can have the run of the world in these simple and versatile lace up and slip-on shoes. In the Footway range of Keds there are also leather varieties for a more formal look and feel.

Looking after Keds shoes

The Keds company do not recommend that you wash your Keds shoes in the washing machine. However, all shoes need a little cleaning now and again. The more exciting your adventure, the more likely it is that your shoes will have collected dust and dirt from the road or countryside. Use water and some mild detergent to clean the outside of your shoes and allow them to air-dry thoroughly. You can also use a waterproofing agent on the outside of the shoes to help the shoe repel dirt and moisture.

Style tips for Keds shoes

If you want to know what kind of outfit you could wear with these shoes, the answer is pretty much any kind. They are made to be versatile and the range of possible outfits is only limited by your imagination. Although they are a plain lace-up variety of shoe, they can even look good with a skirt or summer dress when you want a little more protection than the traditional summer flip-flops. With sportswear or jeans these shoes can even be worn during warmer days in the spring and autumn.

Keds shoes online at Footway

Everyone needs a couple of pairs of Keds in their wardrobe. Their versatility and bright aspect are exactly what has made them so popular with so many of our customers. When you order a pair of Keds, the chances are that you will want to wear them quite soon, whether they are for a holiday or everyday use. That’s why our fast delivery really comes in handy. Place your order and your shoes will be with you within a couple of days. With a great range and fantastic customer service to add to that, we truly offer something special at Footway.

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27 results
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