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Khrio shoes- makes you love fashion if you don´t already

Khrio… the name is very unique and when you have a closer look at the brand, you will see that the shoes are as well. Khrio is an innovative brand that makes comfortable and stylish boots and shoes in lovely models that have a sense of timeless style about them. Autumn is approaching, there is nothing we can do about it, but we assure you it will be a lot nicer to adjust to the colder weather with a pair of comfortable autumn boots by Khrio.

Khrio shoes – the story and style

Khrio is an Italian brand, developed as a part of the larger company Alfiere, which has been producing stylish shoes for over 20 years. The mother company also has an environmental focus in their production. Khrio has grown very popular among active women who like to look good and who appreciate comfort and design. The soft leather used in these shoes takes shape after your foot and they get more and more comfortable the more you wear them. These shoes are a combination of classic design and the requirements of modern women of today. A perfect match!

Learn to match and care for your Khrio shoes

Perhaps you remember from your childhood that the older generations have always been very careful with their shoes, made sure to polish them and make them shine like they were brand new? Well if you haven´t seen any point in doing this before, you surely will when you get your first pair of Khrio. These shoes are made of lovely and sustainable suede or leather and if you use the right shoe care products and give them a bit of your precious time, they will stand up against water and mud much better and you will feel gorgeous every time you put them on.

Khrio – cool and trendy shoes available now at Footway

Footway keeps up with trends in the shoe fashion world and we have discovered that there are many. We want to give a pleasant shopping experience to anyone who shops with us and therefore we keep a nice selection of Khrio shoes in our online store. Choose between a feminine and multi coloured suede shoe with semi high heel or several vintage style boots or shoes with a soft furry lining that may be folded outwards to make a nice detail.

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2 results
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