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Lacoste shoes – the crocodile of style

Most people are familiar with the Lacoste brand, so it needs little introduction. A French clothing company founded in 1933, the crocodile logo has been seen around the world and is now synonymous with elegant sportswear and classically casual day wear. The shoes are no different. Our range consists of mainly trainers, all featuring the distinctive logo, and the occasional pair of boots. With a wide spectrum of colours and different designs to select from, this is surely one of the most difficult – and pleasurable - brands to choose from.

Care instructions for Lacoste shoes

If you wear your Lacoste shoes regularly, it is inevitable that they will eventually pick up some dust and grime from the outdoors. You can brush or wipe the surface clean, or use a foam cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Regular cleaning after every use is the secret to maintaining your shoes in good condition. Allowing the shoes to dry out after wearing them is also an important step towards preventing excess wear and bad odours. Leave them in an airy room but keep them away from heat sources to prevent damage to the materials.

Style tips for Lacoste shoes

If you find yourself noticing other people wearing the Lacoste brand, there is a good chance that they are already a convert to this cool and versatile range of footwear. The trainers and shoes come in a range of styles, with many colours available. You now have no excuse for failing to match your shoes with your T-shirt, when there is such a wide selection on sale. Wear these shoes with shorts or jeans, or match the classier models with a smarter outfit for that effortlessly casual, sporty yet elegant look.

Lacoste online at Footway

Buying shoes online used to be a minefield, with complicated forms to fill in and many steps to go through before the process was completed. However, we at Footway have made a lot of progress in simplifying things, so that ordering your new shoes should now be a piece of cake. If that wasn’t enough good news, we also ship items very quickly, so you can have your Lacoste shoes within a couple of days of ordering them. If you are still unconvinced, why not get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They can talk you through the ordering process and lay any concerns you may have to rest.

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