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LaCrosse shoes – Rubber boots for hunting, fishing and wetland activities

Not to be confused with the popular sport, LaCrosse is the name of a successful company which has been making rubber shoes for over a century. Founded in 1897, the brand has been successfully making army boots, wellingtons and footwear for everyone who needs a lot of protection from moisture and tough conditions. These boots are durable and will last you through many adventures in the worst of weather. If you are a hunter, farmer or dog walker, these are the boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable and won’t let you down.

Looking after your LaCrosse shoes

LaCrosse boots are made of rubber, which is a natural material and excellent at keeping water out while being flexible and durable. If you keep the leather conditioned then it will last longer and you can have many more happy adventures in your LaCrosse boots. After washing away any mud or dirt from the boots, you can apply a leather conditioner and then let the boots dry overnight. Always let boots dry naturally without putting them on a radiator as too much heat will cause the boots to dry out and crack.

Style tips for LaCrosse shoes

The image of a rubber boot isn’t a very sexy one, but the LaCrosse boots are amazingly stylish and easily break away from the traditional image of your grandfather’s wellington boots. The boots come in various heights, so if it’s only your feet that are likely to get wet, you can go for a stylish ankle boot variety. There is also a range of colours, so you can even coordinate your rubber boots with the rest of your outerwear. Of course, if that isn’t your thing, just go for a plain pair and let the quality do the talking.

LaCrosse shoes online at Footway

The only thing better than working with shoes all day long, is being able to send the shoes to you, our customer. We know that you and your LaCrosse boots will have a long and happy life together and we feel happy every time we add to the list of satisfied customers. Find out how quickly you could be united with your new shoes when you order from Footway. Fast delivery and fantastic service are the mainstays of our business model.

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23 results
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