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Lavoro – the ideal shoes for work and play

Lavoro have been manufacturing shoes long enough to have built up a wealth of knowledge about what people need and what they like to wear when engaging in various activities. Lavoro have provided shoes for workers in a variety of fields and have invested much time and money into developing shoes that can withstand harsh and heavy conditions. When you invest in a pair of Lavoro shoes, you’re paying for technology, innovation and resistance to name but a few features of these great shoes.

Lavoro – Portuguese passion for innovation

There’s a reason why the Portuguese were once known as great explorers and innovators. Lavoro is living proof of the Portuguese commitment to using the latest technology and materials to give you the greatest shoes for whatever purpose you need them for. Whether your job involves a lot of outdoor work, or you’re constantly encountering slippery surfaces and need good grip, Lovoro is the brand that you can rely on to deliver the right shoes for the job.

Lavoro shoes and shoes care

One of the great things about Lovoro shoes is that they are designed with real people’s feet in mind, so they preserve the integrity of your foot’s natural shape as you move. They are also made to be hypoallergenic, so if you have trouble tolerating some materials, you’ll probably do better with Lovoro than with most other shoes. When it comes to caring for your shoes, keeping them clean is the first priority. You should also be careful to let your shoes air thoroughly after each time to wear them to prevent moisture damage. Regular use of a waterproofing treatment can be a great way to extend the new look of the shoes.

Lavoro online at Footway

Lavoro is just one of a few great Portuguese brands that you can find here on Footway. Although it would be nice, we don’t all have the money to jet off to Lisbon for a shoe-shopping spree, so you need a service that brings the shoes to you. At Footwear, we consider it to be our job to spread the love for shoes far and wide around Europe. Just browsing through our range, you will find brands from USA, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Enjoy shoe fashion from around the world with Footway, all without ever needing to leave the comfort of your own house.

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2 results
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