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Little Marcel – French artistry for your feet

When you think of anything French, the chances are that it will be chic, understated and uncompromisingly beautiful. With brightly coloured trainers in different neon shades, it’s hard to say whether that definition fits the Little Marcel range of shoes, but they are certainly uncompromisingly cool. With modern designs and eye-catching colours and details, these trainers are ideal for street-smart, hip and down-to-earth urbanites with a wide acquaintance and a full social calendar. With shoes like these on your feet, it’s hard not to get noticed, so better give them the best chance of being seen.

The story behind Little Marcel

As far as brands go, Little Marcel is relatively new, having been brought into being back in 2005. The founders, Éric Schieven and Lynda Leseigneur wanted to create a brand to reflect the creativity and artistry of childhood, except in adult designs and packaging. Their ideas were good enough to sell plenty of shoes for the company, and the rest has been a history of success and spreading interest. Nowadays you can get your hands on these French beauties by ordering them from Footway and we will gladly bring a little French flair into your life.

Styling it out with Little Marcel

If you need style tips, the chances are that you won’t even be looking at this brand in the first place. In our experience, the Little Marcel attracts the flawlessly stylish and chic. Something about quality being attracted to more quality we suppose… Anyway, it’s highly unlikely that you need up to tell you what kind of jeans or combats to wear your Little Marcel creations with, so we’re not going to. Period.

Little Marcel online at Footway

On the other hand, we can totally tell you how to order the shoes. No use being a style guru if you can’t get your hands on the shoes that are going to finish your look off perfectly. The first thing to do is place your chosen shoes into your basket, then click the button to go to checkout. There, we’ll ask you some important questions, such as where you want us to send the shoes (don’t forget your post code!) and you can tell us how you want to pay, and we’ll be done in no time. We deliver quickly, so make sure you have a space in your wardrobe ready and waiting for these beauties.

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2 results
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