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Italian quality shoes by Ilenia P

If you are interested in fashion you probably get goosebumps whenever someone mentions Italian leather and shoe design. You will probably also get them when you have a look at shoes from the well-known Italian brand Ilenia P, famous for their high quality and their fabulous design.If you wear Ilenia P you can be sure to always be dressed right, no matter the occasion. The brand stands out and there are several models available, for both winter and summer wear. Find a colour, pattern or material that speaks to you. And buy it.

Ilenia P– Italian shoe design from the 90´s

Italian Ilenia P was founded in 1990 by Ilene, hence the name of the brand. In central Italy there is a forest region with very inspiring nature called Marche. This is where the story of the Ilenia P brand begins, and this is where all the magnificent shoe models are designed and developed. The timeless design and the quality leather is treated and handled according to old Italian shoe making traditions. Ilenia P shoes are 100% good quality and 100% Italian. If you invest in these shoes, you invest in yourself.

Ilenia P - style and treatment

If you wear Ilenia P shoes you are clearly aware of your style. You obviously care about your looks and most likely this also means that you care about your shoes. Treat your Ilenia P gently with leather grease or any other recommended products regularly and they will be with you for a very long time. They go well with skirts and dresses, but can also be matched with a pair of casual jeans. The perfect shoes for most occasions.

Buy your next pair of Ilenia P shoes online at Footway

Even if you already own several Ilenia P shoes and your closet is full, you are likely to find a new “must have” pair when you browse through our selection at Footway. And why not? You can always put up a new shelf in your closet. We think it´s impossible to have too many pairs of shoes, and especially when we´re talking about Italian super trendy brands like Ilenia P. Have a look around, find your new favourites and place your order at Footway. All within just a few minutes.

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96 results
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